Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dangerous drivers on the loose

Buzzed a vehicle at less than 1 foot and going at over 45mph. Westbound 41st at Yale. 1630. 23 September 2006.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Buyer's Remorse Gone Wild, 24/7

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Ditty Bops Bike Tour

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Say NO Third Penny

#2: $625,000 Police Handgun Replacement. Move to General Fund. Replacement programs of sundry items relevant to public safety not subject of elections and politics. What's next on this list? Bullets?
#5: $18,000,000 Police Car Replacement Program. How many cops on bicycles will $18 million buy? Do we want more cops on the streets or more cop cars? You decide.
#6: $12,800,000 Fire Department Apparatus Replacement. Move to General Fund.
#11: $4,000,000 EMS Apparatus and Equipment Replacement. Move to General Fund.
#12: $1,395,000 Upgrade City Computer Capabilities. Move to General Fund.
#13: $2,500,000 Network Hardware and Software Replacement. Move To General Fund.
#26: $1,150,000 Brady Village Implementation Plan. Bicycle drivers fare best when they are treated and act as legitimate operators of vehicles. No improvements for bikeways routes by segregating bicycles away from Denver and Archer. By both City ordinance and Oklahoma State Statues, bicycles are considered traffic. Bicycle drivers don't want to be niggers of the roadway. Separate ain't equal. "BIKE ROUTE" signs are like "COLORED ONLY" signs. Say NO to additional roadway modifications specifically for bicycles. Pedestrian projects ok.
#51: $4,500,000 Trails Development Program. No on-street bike routes needed. Bicycles share the same roadways as other vehicles.
#34-45: $60,260,000 Street Widening Projects. Street widenings increase traffic congestion. Build it. They will come and come and come. Do we want Tulsa to be nothing more a huge concrete parking lot?
#80: $38,100,000 Capital Equipment Replacement. Move to General Fund.

$10,000 City Department-wide survey to eliminate the need for the Third Penny Sales Tax.
$60,260,000 Transit Projects. Increase coaches, reduce wait times, and coordinate traffic light timing to improve system efficiency.
$4,000,000 Subsidy to new small businesses in tax-free enterprise zones in select Downtown and North Tulsa locations.
$500,000 Bicycle racing track at Mohawk Park.
$500,000 Brady Village Transit-Oriented Development Plan.
$1,500,000 Film production equipment for rental by private firms.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Rich Chick Beats Da Fat Man

Meet yer new boss, Savage Sue.

Well, crap. Back in February, Tulsa Indy predicted a Kathy win over Bill in the General. This weekend, the final weekend, we expect Kathy to widen the winning gap over Bill with the undecideds. Every Tom Baker, Bob Dick, and Penelope Jane are out on the streets, annoying the neighbors with the go-out-and-vote scam. The final point spread on 4 April: Kathy 60, Bill 35, Faulk 3, Tay 2.

Tried as we might to buck the outcome, meet Kathy Taylor, your new boss. Same as da old boss. Just don't get us all kill when the proverbial poops hits da fan, willya? Tulsa Indy expects the MedBloc Council to give her Maple Ridge GOB friends hell every step of the way til '10. In fact, we will demand it.

We expect Kathy to go after Sully, even before her term expires, because the carpetbaggin' Rich Chick gets run outta town by MedBloc. By the way, when is Sully up for re-election? That should be a really fun fight. Especially if Rich Chick turns out to be Rich Bitch. Lotsa blood, people eatin' lotsa CROW, and all around general mayhem to feed fodder to the DelWhacko ratings machine.

There will be some major talk about the Arena debacle. What do we do with da white elephant, plagarized from Miami, Florida? It turns out the Arena design wasn't so original after all. Nothing more than a cheap copy of a design already done. Get the feeling somebody pulled a fast one over the Tulsa TAXPAYERS, again?

Well, back to Bill. Lessons learned: Have a back-up job lined up. Stay on message of your friggin' party, every day, not just at election time. The only special interest you have to suck up to is the Tulsa TAXPAYERS.

We expect Corky to catch some major schrapnel from the Great Plains investigations. My goodness. What a no-win situation for everyone concerned. Another public-private initiative down da tubes.

City Hall took their collective eyeballs off their most important job, freedom from fear of crime and terrorism, and got mixed up in a con job. Now, grannies are packin'. Nice job, Sue.

Medlock is history. He unloaded his base in a New York heartbeat, by endorsing Bill for the General, betraying over 11,000 people who sweated blood for him in the primaries. MedBlocrs. The mad-as-hell-we-ain't-gonna-take-it-anymore coalition he stitched together and scammed.

The GOB crowd of Maple Ridge don't want da man. He ain't gettin' 'nuther stinkin' grassroots vote in this town again. Should have jumped up and down screaming against the Arena, and kept your mouth shut when Bill came ah callin'. Medlock went beyond campaign faux pas. This was suicide. Major meltdown.

Miller is really enjoying her time in the spotlight of the non-spotlight. For once in her life, Missy Mensch pisses off her party big time, stood firm, and said no to Bill. They'll forgive her when Bill loses. She is well positioned for just about any job she wants that doesn't involve Sully or Jimbo.

Faulk scooped Tay on 8 March by becoming the kewlest thing since the discovery of oil in Tulsa. He stayed on message with the illegal immigration issue and tapped into every racist muscle fiber of every johnny-come-lately's in town. Unfortunately for his new friends, Faulk turned to have the passion of a wet noodle for the Mayor's job. They found out he wouldn't know what to do if elected. So, the initial DelWhacko rah-rah-rah turned out be a fast leaking balloon.

And, Tay? Well, it's anybody's guess, except that he'll be back in '10, unless someone like Doug Dodd decides to make a run, because the carpetbaggin' Rich Bitch bolts for greener pastures, tired of playing MedBlocr's voodoo doll.

So, there ya have it. Tulsa Indy scoops the crowd, again. Excuse us. We need to go puke now.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


During the mid-afternoon news conference attended by the likes of Democratic operatives Mike Turpen, Sally Frasier, and the Secretary of State Savage Sue, Kathy Taylor says, "Don is the lowest lying scum. I DID NOT VOTE TWICE. So, there, you dumbshit!"

Kathy pulled out a huge stack of election board documentation to prove her innocence of potential felony charges.

The crowd of approximately 100 supporters cheered, as the media remained skeptical. Several reporters from Channel 2 seems to insist with the stupid questions all dumbass TV news reporters ask. Tulsa Indy will post pic as they are sent via smoke signals.

Notice to Holt, Schuttzi, and the rest of Tulsa media: Ha Ha. Tulsa Indy scoops you again, suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Full On Head First Assault Prediction: Kathy Taylor Beats Bill LaFortune

Tulsa Indy predicts Kathy Taylor will be the next Mayor of Tulsa, following in the foot steps of Savage Sue, plowing massive bribes into North Tulsa precinct bosses, aka the pastors, and sucking Don McCorkell's Maple Ridge support dry. The first sign of the Taylor win came with the withdraw of Tom Baker, so sure of the Taylor win.

The Cochroach Caucas will crucify Corky for standing against right-to-work.

It seems Corky refuses to give up on an old, tired Democrat pipe dream of supporting unions, even if it means losing an election which he hoped to use as protection against the criminal investigation of Great Plains. Quite the principled, but, carpetbaggingly naive, candidate. Well, maybe not that principled, especially if your major endorsement is the FOP, who are pretty sick of representing deadbeats in labor disputes.

FOP made him stand publicly against RTW, in exchange for their endorsement. And, the FOP won't be screwed the second time, after the LaFortune 2002 reaming.

Cork is stuck in the middle. If he fights the inevitable, the Cochroach Caucas will feed him to the lions for Great Plains. If he sucks it up and just go on cruise control, they might let him off the hook.

The same juggernaut used to elect LaFortune turns against him.

In month leading up to General, Savage Sue, Henrynator et al will decimate the ranks of Bill LaFortune. On 4 April, voter fraud alert is Code Red. There's too much money at stake to risk any other outcome. Taylor is playing this election by the book, the Savage Sue Gamebook on outplaying, outsmarting, and outgaming the poor schlubs.

Meet your new boss, Tulsa. Same as the old boss. Long live Savage Sue.

Big Hole To Beihai, China, Tulsa's Sister City