Sunday, November 06, 2005

'06 Tulsa ElectionWatch

Tulsa Indy Gazetter celebrates the indy spirit and truly believes old school wildcatters still lurk amongst the good citizens of Tulsa. Old school hits more dry holes than gushers. But, at least they made a stand. Unlike the rest of us, banal, mediocre, and the un-inspired.

As such, we predict Democrat Tom Baker will announce his candidacy for Tulsa Mayor, 21 November or sometime that week before Turkey Day, even without the support of the firefighters' union. Baker was the fire chief, before elected by an ultra slim margin of 25 votes to the Tulsa City Council.

In '02, Democrat Baker somehow managed to get the support of influential Republicans and beat Republican Michael Bates.

UPDATE: 19 NOV 2005---Don McCorkell confirmed for Democrat for Mayor. Overheard at Living Arts Gala and Auction.

UPDATE--21NOV2005: Tom Baker vacates D4 seat. GOP Kent Morlan is in. Originally posted on: TulsaNOW.

A sign outside the firefighters' union shows their support for LaFortune. TIG also predicts North Tulsan James Alexander will file for candidacy.

When queried about endorsements, Tulsa FOP offered a cook book of some very yummy treats, unlike a letter they issued to Mayor Lafortune in the aftermath of the '02 elections.

Recently, Tulsa Beacon used Jim Hewgley III to rip a new one into LaFortune.

Be that as it may, TIG predicts Mayor Bill Lafortune will be the Republican candidate winning easily over challengers Chris Medlock and Brigette Harper.

In the General Election, it's Bill Lafortune again for a second term over Democrat Tom Baker, by a margin of 60%. In 2002, Republican Bill Lafortune defeated Democrat Gary oh-ratz-we-are-having-an-Alzheimers-moment, with a similar margin.

UPDATE--23 NOV 2005: It has come to our attention Tom Baker is busy weaving a loose, but growing, coalition of Republican turncoats and Democratic Kingsters to bring his polling to a mere 15 point to incumbent Bill LaFortune. (Blogger Note: Well, duh. How many monkeys do we really need to figure THAT out? Guys, you need to give us better HUMINT. Who the hell is in charge of your g-damn outfit? Tenet? Brown? We are paying you an arm and a leg in cheez wiz, ferchristsakes.)

Our man, Bill, sadly, made a few faux pas of late. UGH. First, he hooks up with Guts Church and pisses off the other churches who didn't get the Mayor's blessing. Not to mention, the Jews, the Muslims, the Budhists, and all the other -ists.

Second, he backs down, quick, from using our tax kitty to repay BoK for the GP deal, after getting the message he might be personally on the hook for the bill, if the deal goes south.

Third, he sole sources the Arena management to SKG or somesuch. Whatever. The very same hacks who run the show for the Ford in OKC, our competitors. What gives? That's like hiring Case or Leinbach to manage your cheapass rental shack in West Tulsa.

Man, what else could go bad for our favorite bad boy? Oh, we forgot, he's having a bit of a wrinkle filling the campaign kitty. Man, oh man, THAT's bad. Really bad.

Our man is losing steam, even before leaving the station. Crap. If he don't do something, Chip and TIG will be the last men standing up for Bill at the polls.

Tom Baker is looking more and more like an incumbent, hour by hour. Underneath that stoic Dick Chaney-esque fascade, is a Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, and I Ching, all rolled into Tom Baker. We didn't forget '02, when Demo Baker managed to convince influential Repubs to drop-dead Bates, a Repub more Repub than Ronald Reagan, and rallied a mutiny, and an upset election. Amazing. Baker is a wildcat.

But, then again, Bates is no tiger in politics. He is highly intelligent, ethical, and would never stoop low enough to offer a quid pro quo to anyone for votes.

The Cork, the other Demo, is the nicest guy on the hunt. "Hell, if I can beat cancer, I can beat anyone, anywhere, anytime." TIG loves you, Cork! You da man. Well, after Bill, our main man.

So, TIG went downstairs, violently grabbed our resident Machiavelli, our Sun Tzu in- training, Karzani Rovzineski, by his ears while taking his afternoon nap, and put that lazy ass to work to get our man back on track. After much torture by electrical shock and thumbscrews, ala Abu Ghrib, here's what KR came up with, The Bill LaFortune Comeback Playbook:

1. Distract the core Repub hacks away from GP, Guts, and every thing else going wrong. Energize the grassroots Repubs, the Demos, and others who have no idea what's going on.
2. Spin the "Loser" tag into a huge positive, "LaFortune Is A Loser."
3. Lose weight.

Ok, hopefully, by now, our astute readers have solved the puzzle to how to get the LaFortune campaign back on track. To the others with a black streak of singhed hair on your head, we will patiently explain.

"LaFortune Is A Loser" campaign distracts the mass of grassroots voters away from problems, spits in the face of those who have written our man off, connects with the 90% of the voters, overweight and trying to lose too, and builds a new, healthier Bill, no matter the election outcome. Win-win-win.

Instead of attacking the inevitable attack ads from Baker et al, use them to our advantage. Bill's ads would go something like this:

On Camera on Bill in a business suit. Dialogue while taking off the business suit to reveal a bicycle spandex outfit: Hi, My name is Bill Lafortune. As your Mayor for the last four years, Tulsa has really changed. And, for the better too. You might have heard all the negative ads against my record. Let me tell you the rest of the story. I am here to tell you this: LaFortune is a loser! Yes, Tulsa, I, Bill Lafortune is a loser! I love to lose weight. Like most of you, in the last four years, I gained twenty pounds, but, as your next Mayor, I want to lose it all. And, you know what, I want you to join me as your co-loser. I want you to get mad as hell, get up off that couch, and join me this Saturday morning, at 9 am at LaFortune Park to lose it all with me! Remember, to bring your bike! When you go to the polls on April 4, vote Bill LaFortune, the Loser!

Roll B: Bill, in spandex, riding off into the sunset. CU on Bill's butt. VO: Vote Bill LaFortune. The Mayor willing to lose it all for you. April 4.

UPDATE: 26 NOV 2005---TIG predicts Tulsa FOP will endorse Demo Tom Baker for Tulsa Mayor mid-February to early March. New point spread for Bill LaFortune victory over Tom Baker, 53-45.

UPDATE: 26 NOV 2005---Virginia Jenner Remembered. You go, girl!

UPDATE: 12 DEC 2005---Blatant Disrespect Of The Law

Tulsa Revised Ordinance 51 3102.16:
Excluded from Right-of-Way; Removal Authorized. No sign shall be permitted in the right-of-way of a street under any circumstances, except as provided in Section 3102.12.4. Any sign situated in the right-of-way of a public street is hereby declared a public nuisance endangering public safety, and may be removed by the code official or any police officer of the City of Tulsa.

Apparently, there are no wording on sign removal by citizens. About a week to ten days after the official declaration of candidacy on 11 January 2006, the City of Tulsa will send a letter to each candidate informing them of this ordinance. Of course, every political candidate, except maybe one, has violated this ordinance, without any penalties. They violate, you pay.

The City wastes untold thousands of your dollars paying crews in City vehicles to remove the signs. Of course, selective enforcement occurs, depending on which candidate the individual Sign Nazi supports.

So, this election season, Tulsa Indy encourages individual citizens to help the City of Tulsa enforce this important ordinance. Join the Sign Nazi Party. Get your groove on, and rid Tulsa of illegal street signs.

UPDATE: 12 DEC 2005---KRMG/Tulsa Whirled Reporting LaFortune/Medlock primary point spread, 44-16.

UPDATE: 14 DEC 2005---Accountability Burns Remembered. We miss you.

UPDATE: 14 DEC 2005
---Neal Vacates D9 seat.

UPDATE: 19 DEC 2005--Something Afoot

Christmas partygoers signing a petition for a potential political candidate.

UPDATE: 10 JAN 2006--Well, boy howdy. Did we get a shocker! Baker wusses out for a MILF. Kathy Taylor is HOT! Tulsa MILF Hunter gives her a "Damn, She's Hot" shot. She looks like Savage Sue too.

UPDATE: 11 JAN 2006--Santa is westbound on the BA at the Yale on-ramp, heading toward Downtown. On 11 November 2005, TIG hired Stink Investigations to tail Tulsa's favorite pseudo-assassin Paul Tay. Stink provided full coverage of Mr. Tay's daily activities on top secret video and audio recording. TIG also authorized Stink to plant a keystroke logger onto Mr. Tay's computers. It's probably all illegal. But, who's counting?

Stay tuned for the full and complete coverage of Paul Tay, Tulsa's favorite pseudo-assassin!

UPDATE: 17 JAN 2006--McCorkell Calls For Tough New Ethics Laws
Tulsa Businessman, Don McCorkell, a Democratic candidate for Mayor today called on the city to enact a tough new ethics code. McCorkell, who was the principal author of the bill which created the Oklahoma Ethics Commission while he served in the Legislature, said he was "saddened and appalled by the sheer weakness of the city's ethics code."

"With all the scandals we have seen across the country surrounding abuse of ihfluence by lobbyist, I was completely shocked when I discovered that the city of Tulsa doesn't regulate lobbyists, require them to register, or limit their spending on public officials."

"Making a democracy work depends on confidence in the integrity of government. If we close our eyes to the activities and influences of these l0obbyists, we open the door to abuse and inappropriate influence by special interests."

McCorkell called for the enactment of a new strict ethics code requiring lobbyists in the city to register, file quarterly reports, and limit their spending on public officials.

McCorkell alwo called for tougher campaign finance laws for the city. "Under the rules in effect today, a city elected official can take action on a matter of concern to a special interest group and not declare their campaign contribution until ten days prior to the election. City officials should be required to file reports of all campaign contributions within thirty days of receipt. This would more effectively force the disclosure of contributions raised as a result of any official action. That would be far more effective in holding all elected officials truly accountable for their actions."

In a letter to all other candidates for city office, McCorkell called for each of them to endorse the proposals.

UPDATE: 9 FEB 2006--FOP Endorses Corkinator. Confirmed by a reliable law enforcement source. Tay sought FOP endorsement.

UPDATE: 9 FEB 2006--Half-Rice Half Cracker Review: Charles Page Community Action Group Mayoral/CD 1 Council Forum

Absent: Paul Tay, Ben Faulk, A Burns, James Alexander, James Desmond
Present: Bill LaFortune, Brigitte Harper, Kathy Taylor, Don McCorkell, Prophet Kelly, Randi Miller, Chris Medlock, Roger Lowry, Jack Henderson.

Prophet Kelly, the last speaker, delivered the most electrifying ten minutes of the evening. This reporter pitched all sense of journalistic cynicism aside, stood up alone, and clapped wholeheartedly for a rousing, highly personal speech. My goodness, does this man rap? Tupac lives!

I missed most of Brigitte Harper's speech, because of an extended bathroom break. She seems very sweet. Too sweet. Make her the official Chocolate Chip Cookie lady.

Corkinator set a strong indignant tone for his speech, but said nothing for ten minutes. He's grasping for a vision and can't get the minutea of Tulsa facts straight. He's clearly out of his element in CD1, seems to be out of his element as a Mayoral candidate. The issues has put the zap in his eyes, but he's so myopic, he couldn't make out the outline of his nose. I get the feeling he really know nothing about the issues, kinda like a carpetbagger.

Randi Miller was clearly in her element with her people. She knew the difference between Red Fork and Charles Page neighborhoods. She was confident, upbeat, and looked much better than her recent pictures. She says she can't go to the grocery store alone. She touted her record with law enforcement, FBI. A fire department personell, Kevin Matthews challenged her on fire department issues. She would make a much better city clerk than Mayor. Her mantra: crime, crime, crime.

I was disappointed with Kathy Taylor. But, that's good for her, because she didn't show up in Versace. Her clothing choice was a bit on the frumpy side of chic. Her speech was strained. Touted her service to the State.

Bill LaFortune, the first speaker, had to leave early, so they let him speak first. The tone of his speech was defensive. He wants to continue building momentum to nowhere. Touted the Arkansas River studies. Enough of the studies already. He's very excited.

Chris Medlock confirmed our suspicisions. He would make a much better City Manager than Mayor. In response to Miller's crime mantra, his is revenue, revenue, revenue. He's got the facts down pat. But, no vision. Will run the City like he won't be seeking re-election. And, really really wants to be Mayor. Show me the plan.

UPDATE: 10 FEB 2006--Ben Faulk, Independent Candidate For Mayor.