Tuesday, November 22, 2005

America...F-Word, Yeaaaah!

It's no secret Tulsa bleeds young professionals to the coasts. Groups such as the independent yPTulsa and Chamber of Commerce sponsored tyPros try to stem the flow with networking, new projects, and neo, high concept mixers.

There is another much smaller, as of yet un-named, group, probably more like tribe, whatever, catering to yP's that meets at McNellie's Monday nights. Love of the bicycle culture, beyond spandex, brought them together. At an inaugural meeting, a very boisterous crowd of 9 gathered to discuss such weighty matters as 501(c) incorporation, community service, and not to mention, name of the group. The possibilities are endless, but, anything to keep yP's involved, engaged, and in Tulsa, gets our vote. We get lonely too.

America....F-word, Yeaaaaaah!