Thursday, November 10, 2005

And, In This Corner

Just when we thought the Tulsans For Better Government cabal was poised to steamroll over the rest of Tulsa from their perch piled high with $$$, along comes Tulsans Defending Democracy. Sweet. Interesting name. TIG staff wonders about the rest of Tulsans Defending Communism.

The TDD insurgency held a news conference this morning. Shrouded in mucho mumbo jumbo politico speak, they vowed to defend democracy, fight for fair representation, and stop the ill-conceived plans of a few elitists bent on domination. It was difficult to discern their alternative plan to improve what is obviously a broken City Council destined to eat itself alive.

Be that as it may, the proponents of democracy in Tulsa seems to have quite a formidable group of grassroots political practitioners on their side. Yes, we really love the news business. It is like opera to the very core of our soul!