Sunday, November 20, 2005

Attention: Jeff Martin

ATTN: Cheapskate landlords
RE: Snow and Ice on your FUCKING property

It shall be an offense for any property owner or person in possession of any real
property to fail to clear or have cleared within twenty-four (24) hours after any snowfall, sleet or ice storm, the public sidewalks on the property. Snow, sleet or other elements of nature shall be cleared from the sidewalks and piled along the outer edge of the walks adjacent thereto or removed entirely; but in no event shall such pilings exceed two (2) feet in height.

Unless otherwise provided for in this chapter, any person violating any of the
provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of an offense and, upon conviction, shall be punished by a fine of not more than ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($100.00), excluding
costs, fees and assessments. Each day such violation is committed or permitted to
continue shall constitute a separate offense.

UPDATE: 30 JAN 2007-The Smoking Gun INDICTMENT against bike lanes and "ride right."

UPDATE: 23 JAN 2006--Eastbound 11th at the BA.
UPDATE: 23 JAN 2006--Northbound Denver at 1st.
UPDATE: 23 JAN 2006--4th and Cinncinati
UPDATE: 23 JAN 2006--Northbound Harvard at the BA.

UPDATE: 23 JAN 2006--Eastbound 41st at I-44. Rough surface adjacent. Money train.

UPDATE: 24 DEC 2005---E-mailed to the Mayor's Action Center:
Tulsa Indy Gazetter has put the City of Tulsa on notice of regular posting of parallel sewer grates which can cause serious injury to bicycle drivers on Attention: Jeff Martin. Please peruse the link on a regular basis to stay up to date on new parallel sewer grates which we encounter. Thank you.

UPDATE: 28 DEC 2005--From Philip Howery(
I am aware that there are still some parallel sewer grates in use. We have made efforts to replace these with bicycle-safe grates in the areas of known bike trails. I am the responsible party that can take your complaints and issue workorders to replace any grates you feel are hazardous to you or your group. Please be aware that this is an ongoing process and an expensive one too but I will cooperate with you any way I can.

Feel free to contact me directly at 669-6119 or our dispatch at 669-6100 with locations of interest. Thanks for your help in this matter.

Philip Howery
Utility Systems Operations Manager
Underground Collection Systems Section
City of Tulsa, OK

off: (918) 669-6119
fax: (918) 669-6531

Submit PSG pix to tulsaindygazetter (at) yahoo (dot) com. Please remember location info.

Blogger Note: 15 JAN 2006--Some of these roadway defects may have already been corrected. We've asked Mr. Howery to provide updates on the corrections. So far, we are able to provide updates on individual corrections only if we or someone happened upon the same defect, which doesn't always happen. In any case, City seems to be responding as fast as they can to beat Jeff. As far as we know today, the score is City and property owner: 2; Jeff: Zippo. Good job, guys.

UPDATE: 24 DEC 2005--Eastbound 1800 block 41st. Right lane.

11th and Lewis. Make a right turn at southwest corner. Better keep a good ear tuned to that scanner in your bedroom, Jeff. Boy howdy, this one is the money train.

12th and Denver. Northbound.

Another lawsuit in progress. Southwest Blvd. near Goodwill Industries. Both west and eastbound lanes. A whole crapload of them.

Parking lot access road between 41st Street Circuit City and Chase Bank. Burlingame Realty, 494-2634. ComProp Realty, 742-2174. UPDATE: 15 JAN 2006--Well, Jeff, you got robbed again on this one. Good job, Burlingame.

Westbound 6th Street at Norfolk.

Southbound left lane Peoria Ave. at 34th Street.

Eastbound lane. 1544 E 6th. Precedent case.

Money Train! Bottom of the hill. Westbound 18th at Boston. Somebody is gonna enjoy a really really good retirement, though they might be in traction for a while.
UPDATE: 14 JAN 2006--Well, Jeff, you got robbed of this money train. Good job, City.

Bad railroad crossing at eastbound 3rd and Norfolk.

We have no idea what this sign means. MAC, could you clue us in?

Northbound Memorial at 7th. A whole crapload of them in the area, both north and southbound Memorial.

These babies are on southbound Sheridan, from 12th to the B.A.

Obviously not a roadway defect. But, a money train, nonetheless. The fork thines have detached from the steering column. Reasor's Grocery Store, 41st and Yale. Another reason why you shouldn't bikelogize at the same place where you buy the milk and cheese.