Monday, November 14, 2005

How To Invade The World Without Really Dying

W has talked about invading Iran. We've already attacked one OPEC nation, Iraq. It would not be beyond any stretch of the imagination to suggest invading the rest of OPEC, such as Saudi Arabia, under the guise of fighting terrorists. Remember, all the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi nationals.

Where do we get the warm bodies to feed the meat grinder? Outsource combat operations. Everyday, thousands of people risk their lives crossing the border to fulfill their glorious American dream. They don't know that the Americans already here have lost faith in free speech, honest cops, cheap gas, and 36 month car payments at 6 percent.

Instead of turning away these brave, but naive, potential Americans, the Army might offer cold horchata, hot tamales, and sign-up sheets along the Rio Grande. Sign right here on the dotted line for two tours on the Middle Eastern front, and if you survive, you get American citizenship. Woooohooo!

Why waste precious resources to fulfill the impossibility of closed borders? Instead of the Caseys, it will be the Carlos doing the killing and the dying. THAT's the real American dream! Bienvenido a América, Carlo.