Saturday, November 05, 2005

It's 8:30.

The first few frames of the short film, 8:30, lensed by new indy director Greg Pitts had the look of visceral, soul searching foreign films, such as The Japanese Story. Brothers Peter and Romie dream big. Romie wants to be the next great thing since Wolfgang Puck. Cooking haute cuisine, operating a line of chic restaurants, and hobnobing with celebrity.

Peter wants to fulfill the deferred dreams of his father, to become a rollerskating champ. Through 15 short minutes of "8:30," Director Greg Pitts reveals the kernel of a feature film to rival the pacing of the best in nuveaux cinema currently in vogue within the Japanese and European festival circuits.

A must-see for film students to study subtle pacing. The transition montage between the past and the present provides budding film critics with an uncommon opportunity to debate shot selections.