Friday, November 04, 2005

Jody And The Pussycats

Jody Lorimor love cats. She is a co-conspirator of The Catnip Cottage, Tulsa’s only bed and breakfast for cats. This all-inclusive cat resort is catty corner on the far eastern end of Cherry Street, 1443 S. Gary. No dogs allowed. No humans allowed either, unless you have a cat.

Catnip Cottage is a welcoming place for both feline and homo sapiens. The front yard is well manicured with casual, unpretentious landscaping. The sort of organized, but unkempt, greenery meticulously groomed by an artistically inclined, Ruth Gordon-esque, granny.

Jody, daughter Sarah, and supporting crew seem to have an uncanny sense of humor that both delights, yet, go beyond the trite. There are twenty-one suites for the well-pampered felines. Individual as the cats. The Al Pawcino Suite. The Mary Pawpins Suite. You get the idea.

No one ever grows up dreaming of operating a cat B and B. Jody segued from Street Cats, a non-profit cat rescue operation now located at the Farm. Catnip Cottage offers daily happy hour. Milk shots and Fancy Feasts. Not Bud Light and yesterday’s nachos oozing with fat-inducing Velveeta. If you have guilt, good.

Mozart, Chopin, and Mendelssohn flow freely throughout the boutique offering all items feline. Saturday night’s menu begat scrumptious seafood buffet. For the cats. You, BYO Chow. If only cats can surf the web. Perhaps they can, while you aren’t looking.