Friday, November 04, 2005

The Little Theater That Could

Bryce and Sunshine Hill love to download a whole lot of cash to renovate an old decrepit, but historic, Tulsa has-been. Formally the Tulsa Little Theater, the Law Office of Bryce A. Hill, occupies the concessions and glass-enclosed VIP booths. 262 authentic-looking theater seats face a properly elevated stage and 20-by-50 feet screen, behind heavy theater curtains.

With an overhead projector, Bryce Hill, et al, can enjoy the Super Bowl or Grand Theft Auto on a really really big screen on steroids. Beside the prosaic, banal uses, the theater hosted the Uncensored Film Festival and a ghostbusters convention. With the art deco signage of the Tulsa Little Theater still intact, the mixed-use venue hope to host more events as the renovation continues in the building rich with Tulsa’s past. Some believe one entity is still “alive.”

The car parking is a bit lacking on the corner of 15th and Delaware. But, who needs a 18,000 seat white elephant when you can walk or bicycle to a cozy little theater that could, just around the corner? If your name is Michael and the inspiration for Hatesline, please do visit and say hello to “George.”

No ill will intended, of course. Just some good, clean, but creepy, fun between fellow bloggers who plagarize each other. Boo. Watch your six!