Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Shameless Plug: Brian Biggs Blog

Brian Biggs is looking for someone to do an anti-Tulsa Beacon blog. TIG would really love to, but, we are kinda short-handed chasing down other strange Tulsa occurances. Besides, TIG has too much respect for Mr. Charles et al to stoop to such low levels.

Another strange Tulsa "situation" of minor note. A silly Santa seen riding a bicycle at the Veteran's Parade yesterday. Santa wore a sign on his back, "SANTA FOR MAYOR." We believe it was a last-minute Bill LaFortune stunt as Santa was seen shaking Bill's hands at the reviewing stand. And, no one, not even the police, moved to stop the silly Santa as he got all the kids screaming and high-fiving.

There's already a Somewhere around here is Mike Digiorno Sucks Dot Com. Got the link?

Has anyone met "George" yet at the Tulsa Little Theater?

Please do contribute any Tulsa minutea to danchangtulsa AT yahoo.