Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Stupid Tulsa Ordinances

In a yTulsa post by Gary Hizer of the Urban Tulsa Weekly, a call was put forth to concerned citizens and local musicians to challenge Tulsa Revised Ordinance Title 27 Section 1205, prohibiting street performances. In the post, Mr. Hizer stopped short of calling for an event some might construe to be direct action civil disobedience. Another words, a total lack of respect for the rule of law. The kind practiced weekly by a bunch of hippy peacniks on the corner of 41st and Yale.

Which got some huge fans of UTW and humble assistants at-large of Mr. Hizer wondering: Are there any other stupid Tulsa ordinances in effect? Has anyone been charged, arrested, or ticketed for them? What was the outcome?

So, folks. Post your favorite stupid Tulsa ordinance. We will attempt to find out who has been in the pokey for such heinous crimes as spitting on the sidewalk, panhandling, and other miscellania only the inquiring minds of overgrown trust fund slackers, the bored, and the unemployed would want to know.