Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Just when we thought all hopes were lost for Tulsa's much loved historic trees, AEP/PSO came through with a brilliant plan. Just when we thought corporations were run by a bunch of meglomaniacs bent on world destruction, the powers that be will give homeowners vouchers to hire private tree trimmers. Yeaaaaah, baby!

You've restored our faith in the goodness of people, no matter if they are homeless or corporate hacks. The voucher policy is not perfect, but, it's a start.

As such, TIG has contacted Santa. And, Mr. Claus, being the benevalent environmentalist/tree hugger that he is, wants to pay a big THANK YOU visit to the good boys and girls at AEP/PSO. Tell us where and when at tulsaindygazetter(AT)yahoo(dot)com. We'll pass the word to Santa. Being Santa, he will be there!