Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tulsa TV News: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Former 2WorksForYou Meteorologist Jeff Lazalier and still devoted fan. Shawkat's Deli. Say hi to still devoted fan while wearing the TIG garb. We'll post your pic.

Tulsa TV news is the last bastion of mainstream media untarnished, unchallenged by diversity of voices and points of views. The paucity of diverse local programming screams for in-depth examination. In a previous post, TIG reported on community access TV.

Nightly on 2, 6, 8, and Faux, oops Fox, talking heads serve viewers the shooting d'jour, rape d'jour, and robbery d'jour. To be sure, incident cycles come and go. But, the prevailing diet on local TV news does not offer investigative journalism of old. Instead, bloggers seem to fill that void.

Tulsa Indy Gazetter recently sat down with former TV meteorologist on Channel 2, Jeff Lazalier. Jeff has been away from the TV studios for three years. During his 23 years, thunderstorms and tornados were his co-stars. Then, suddenly, without warning, he was fired, persona non grata, like most other TV talent, put on the meat hook of ratings, the fickle whims of viewers, from day one.

These days, thunderstorms no longer bring him back to the studio. He's busy enjoying life, work, and family. For fun, he is teaching a meteorology 101 class at the Downtown TCC. While he spoke, TIG detected some longing for on-camera work. Indeed, he appeared as an extra on a locally produced short film, "Diner." And he will do on-camera work for his clients related to Premier.

Before the tape rolled, Jeff cautioned he won't be able to speak in detail about his current work for Premier Advisors Group. Securities and Exchange Commission rules and all that. No problem. TIG wants the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Tulsa TV news business.

Audio interview.