Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More Intelligent Design

This will be a regular post on comments we wish we could have made on Tulsa's Talk Radio, but, for one reason or another, were censored.

UPDATE: 28 DEC 2005
--Get your gun banned or wiretap your ass.
KFAQ had a bit on the question of what would make you angry most: the government taking away your gun or wiretapping your conversations and e-mails. This is the wrong question. The way the question was asked gave us the impression of KFAQ's biased supporting illegal wiretaps. So, what else is new?

We like KFAQ. But, wish they'd lose the dogma already!

Actually, this morning's show is more interesting than Joe Kelly on KRMG. The bloke has zilch POV. But, we still enjoy listening from time to time, especially while multi-tasking in the bathroom. NP who?

Most of the callers said they would rather be wiretapped rather have their guns taken away. Then, someone named Bubba said something really strange, "Wiretaps are the reason why we need the Second Amendment." To which KFAQ responded, "So, love the country, hate the government?" Then, Bubba was cut off.

It remains to be seen who exactly the President wiretapped. Based on W's responses and the way he responded, people like Rosa Parks, Fred Korematsu, Cindy Sheehan, and Anthony Romero would probably appear on the wiretap list.

Why are KFAQ callers so keen on allowing their First Amendment rights to be taken away so fast? So, they can have an excuse to exercise their Second Amendment rights? Make mah day, muthafucker!

Then, another bit about Blue Star Mothers got our imagination boiling. Blue Star Mothers send "care" packages to US service members. Stuff like razors, beef jerky, and deodorant. A caller said baby wipes are hot items.

A few former active-duty Marines among us thought the one item BS Moms has not included on their list: condoms. They can be forgiven. After all, they are moms. Every mom wants to believe their kids are just on a long church campout.

Sex, like a good hot meal, is absolutely neccessary to maintain morale in the field. But, company commanders rarely talk safe sex.

And, condoms are especially neccessary for female counterinsurgent Special Forces who need to torture a male Muslim bad dude for info, without really crossing the line into cruel and unusual treatment.

And, they make great toy ballons for kids.

Condoms are readily available in the PX. But, not always available in the field or the FOBs. To provide this much needed commodity, Mothers Informed about Safe Sex in the Military, MISS Military, will send safe sex packages to any servicemember who request them at tulsaindygazetter (at) yahoo (dot) com. The packs include three condoms and lube.