Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sign Nazi On Patrol

UPDATE: 10 FEB 2006--Sign Nazi Commander X, left, about to have a few word with Tulsa Indy. Time to lie our ass off and scoot.
UPDATE: 29 JAN 2006--Courtesy Airtime For All Candidates on PIMP-AM Radio.

UPDATE: 27 JAN 2006--The Official City of Tulsa Sign Nazi On Patrol. We are gonna git ya, suckaaaaaaaas!
UPDATE: 27 JAN 2006--More Disrepect of the law

UPDATE: 17 JAN 2006--Direct Action Civil Disobedience! Eastbound 41st at I-44. You go, guys! Up yours, City. Yeaaaaaaaah, baby!

UPDATE: 11 JAN 2006--Tulsa Transit,, wrote:
We have permits from the City of Tulsa for all our benches and shelters. Thanks for your concern.

TIG Reply:
TRO 51 3102.16 does not have language that allows permitted signs on public right-of-way. Please send the link for the enabling local ordinance, and we will clarify the situation on Tulsa Indy Sign Nazi on Patrol. Thank you for your help.

UPDATE: 10 JAN 2006--Complete Disrespect of the Law. 61st and Lewis.

UPDATE: 22 JAN 2006--12th and St. Louis. Not as butt-ugly as the above, but, still, can we have some semblence of respect for the law?

UPDATE: 6 JAN 2006--71st and Trenton.

UPDATE: 71st and Lewis. Center median eastbound 71st.

UPDATE: 6 JAN 2006--91st and Delaware NE corner.

UPDATE: 6 JAN 2006--I-44 and Garnett

TRO 51 3102.16
Excluded from Right-of-Way; Removal Authorized.
No sign shall be permitted in the right-of-way of a street under any circumstances, except as provided in Section 3102.12.4. Any sign situated in the right-of-way of a public street is hereby declared a public nuisance endangering public safety, and may be removed by the code official or any police officer of the City of Tulsa.

Tulsa Indy Gazetter has put the Mayor's Action Center on notice of this post depicting the following signs that might be deemed in violation of TRO 51 3102.16. Contributors may e pictures of illegal street signs to tulsaindygazetter (AT) yahoo (DoT) com. Please include location and the date encountered.

UPDATE: 28 DEC 2005--Westbound 41st at Sheridan.

UPDATE: 28 DEC 2005--Southbound Sheridan at 41st.

UPDATE: 28 DEC 2005--Westbound 41st at Hudson.

UPDATE: 28 DEC 2005--Westbound 41st at Sheridan.

UPDATE: 28 DEC 2005--37th and Peoria.

UPDATE: 31 DEC 2005 Eastbound 51st at Harvard

UPDATE: 31 DEC 2005--Westbound 51st at Harvard

UPDATE: 31 DEC 2005--Eastbound 51st at Harvard

UPDATE: 31 DEC 2005---Northbound Yale at I-44

UPDATE: 31 DEC 2005--41st and Yale, Southeast corner. REMOVED

UPDATE": 31 DEC 2005--Southbound Yale at 40th.

UPDATE: 31 DEC 2005--Southbound Yale at 5400.

UPDATE: 31 DEC 2005--Westbound 51st at Yale.

UPDATE: 31 DEC 2005--Northwest corner 41st and Yale.

UPDATE: 31 DEC 2005--51st and Harvard.

UPDATE: 31 DEC 2005--5800 E 41st.

Eastbound 51st at Harvard.

Westbound 41st at Yale

Tulsa Transit offers advertising on buses, benches and shelters. For details, contact Mike Lemery with Transit Advertising at 699-0204.

Westbound 6701 E 41st

Northbound 42nd and Mingo

Northbound 41st and Peoria

Southwest corner 51st and Lewis

Southwest corner 51st and Harvard

Southeast corner 41st and Memorial

7015 E 41st

Northwest corner 61st and Lewis

2431 E 51st

3132 E 51st

Southeast corner 41st and Harvard

7100 E 71

48th and Garnett

Northwest corner. 41st and Garnett.