Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Stuff To Trade For Bicycles Or Guitars

As results of shamelessly exploiting the homeless in the making of Homeless For The Holiday: The Documentary, Tulsa Indy Gazetter sponsors Tent City Tea Society, on the road again, makin' music with their friends. We refurbish musical instraments for them. Currently, we need guitars, acoustic or electric.

We also sponsor Reality Bikes, a bicycle co-op, that refurbishes
bicycles for the homeless to use as transportation. Any kind of
bicycles with wheels of 20 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, 27 inch, 700c.

We deliver items to the end users by bicycle. But, it would be nice to have an old, beat-up pickup truck with a running motor. Not neccessary, but would be nice. If we do get a pickup, it would probably be a rolling work of art.

HickMobile. Picture a crushed bicycle and rider permenantly welded on the grille. The driver side door is painted with small icons of bicycles. Kinda like how fighter pilot mark their kills on their planes. Then, wrap the rest of the contraption with the state flag of Mississippi.

Currently, we have the following stuff to trade for bicycles, bicycle
parts, or guitars and amps:

1 One ton log splitter(manual)

1 microwave oven
1 small office refrigerator
1 full size home refrigerator
3 ceiling fans
50 1 Square Foot ceramic floor tiles
Wood flooring adhesive
5 Bat houses
10 sections of fencing
Assorted lumber--2X4, plywood, trim, etc.
21 inch color computer monitor
15 inch color computer monitor
Apple McIntosh computer---museum quality
A huge pile of T-shirts
1 hammer and various hand tools
1 full size sleghammer
1 full size axe
1 full size pick
1 pack of roofing shingles
2 extra partial rolls of roofing felt
Weekly truck loads of outdated, excess newspaper and magazines.

And, two Sgt. Pecker Party Penises. (Don't ask. And, NO! We do not have any gay positions, political or otherwise.)