Sunday, January 22, 2006

Speed Nazi On Patrol

These dudes are our kind of Nazis! You go, guys! We tagged them on the 41st Street overpass of the BA. Yeaaaaah baby! Slow down, you out-of-town niggaaaas, or, you be busted! Tulsa loves our Speed Nazis!

From scanner reports, there was also a whole shitload of Speed Nazis parked at the former site of QuikTrip, 51st and Lewis, dinging vehicles with zip guns and busting a whole shitload of speeders on the Skelly.

Our roving reporter didn't get a good pix, because he was speeding. (Chief POP: You sonofabitch, you know who you are. Don't lie to me, asshole. Your car was tagged with GPS, dumbass. Like I am gonna let you use the company vehicle without blackboxing it. You are lucky they didn't ding you with the fucking ticket. I'll fire your ass, after I kick you in the shins. And, stay out of my face for 3 days. You come near me and I WILL fuck you up. And, no, I am not paying you. Dipshit.)