Friday, February 10, 2006

Full On Head First Assault Prediction: Kathy Taylor Beats Bill LaFortune

Tulsa Indy predicts Kathy Taylor will be the next Mayor of Tulsa, following in the foot steps of Savage Sue, plowing massive bribes into North Tulsa precinct bosses, aka the pastors, and sucking Don McCorkell's Maple Ridge support dry. The first sign of the Taylor win came with the withdraw of Tom Baker, so sure of the Taylor win.

The Cochroach Caucas will crucify Corky for standing against right-to-work.

It seems Corky refuses to give up on an old, tired Democrat pipe dream of supporting unions, even if it means losing an election which he hoped to use as protection against the criminal investigation of Great Plains. Quite the principled, but, carpetbaggingly naive, candidate. Well, maybe not that principled, especially if your major endorsement is the FOP, who are pretty sick of representing deadbeats in labor disputes.

FOP made him stand publicly against RTW, in exchange for their endorsement. And, the FOP won't be screwed the second time, after the LaFortune 2002 reaming.

Cork is stuck in the middle. If he fights the inevitable, the Cochroach Caucas will feed him to the lions for Great Plains. If he sucks it up and just go on cruise control, they might let him off the hook.

The same juggernaut used to elect LaFortune turns against him.

In month leading up to General, Savage Sue, Henrynator et al will decimate the ranks of Bill LaFortune. On 4 April, voter fraud alert is Code Red. There's too much money at stake to risk any other outcome. Taylor is playing this election by the book, the Savage Sue Gamebook on outplaying, outsmarting, and outgaming the poor schlubs.

Meet your new boss, Tulsa. Same as the old boss. Long live Savage Sue.