Tuesday, February 28, 2006


During the mid-afternoon news conference attended by the likes of Democratic operatives Mike Turpen, Sally Frasier, and the Secretary of State Savage Sue, Kathy Taylor says, "Don is the lowest lying scum. I DID NOT VOTE TWICE. So, there, you dumbshit!"

Kathy pulled out a huge stack of election board documentation to prove her innocence of potential felony charges.

The crowd of approximately 100 supporters cheered, as the media remained skeptical. Several reporters from Channel 2 seems to insist with the stupid questions all dumbass TV news reporters ask. Tulsa Indy will post pic as they are sent via smoke signals.

Notice to Holt, Schuttzi, and the rest of Tulsa media: Ha Ha. Tulsa Indy scoops you again, suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!