Thursday, April 06, 2006

Say NO Third Penny

#2: $625,000 Police Handgun Replacement. Move to General Fund. Replacement programs of sundry items relevant to public safety not subject of elections and politics. What's next on this list? Bullets?
#5: $18,000,000 Police Car Replacement Program. How many cops on bicycles will $18 million buy? Do we want more cops on the streets or more cop cars? You decide.
#6: $12,800,000 Fire Department Apparatus Replacement. Move to General Fund.
#11: $4,000,000 EMS Apparatus and Equipment Replacement. Move to General Fund.
#12: $1,395,000 Upgrade City Computer Capabilities. Move to General Fund.
#13: $2,500,000 Network Hardware and Software Replacement. Move To General Fund.
#26: $1,150,000 Brady Village Implementation Plan. Bicycle drivers fare best when they are treated and act as legitimate operators of vehicles. No improvements for bikeways routes by segregating bicycles away from Denver and Archer. By both City ordinance and Oklahoma State Statues, bicycles are considered traffic. Bicycle drivers don't want to be niggers of the roadway. Separate ain't equal. "BIKE ROUTE" signs are like "COLORED ONLY" signs. Say NO to additional roadway modifications specifically for bicycles. Pedestrian projects ok.
#51: $4,500,000 Trails Development Program. No on-street bike routes needed. Bicycles share the same roadways as other vehicles.
#34-45: $60,260,000 Street Widening Projects. Street widenings increase traffic congestion. Build it. They will come and come and come. Do we want Tulsa to be nothing more a huge concrete parking lot?
#80: $38,100,000 Capital Equipment Replacement. Move to General Fund.

$10,000 City Department-wide survey to eliminate the need for the Third Penny Sales Tax.
$60,260,000 Transit Projects. Increase coaches, reduce wait times, and coordinate traffic light timing to improve system efficiency.
$4,000,000 Subsidy to new small businesses in tax-free enterprise zones in select Downtown and North Tulsa locations.
$500,000 Bicycle racing track at Mohawk Park.
$500,000 Brady Village Transit-Oriented Development Plan.
$1,500,000 Film production equipment for rental by private firms.